marketing & communication

Being seen and heard in today’s cluttered marketplace requires well-executed, strategic marketing and communication activities. With professional marketing and communication support you can strengthen your business and ensure you connect with the right people in the right way.


Maybury Ink can help you with:

  • planning and implementing strategy

  • graphic design services

  • writing and editing.

Strategy and planning

Strategic planning of your marketing and communication activities ensures efficient and effective use of your resources. And who doesn’t want more bang for their buck?

A marketing and communication strategy can help to:

  • plan your marketing and communication activities for the year

  • launch your business or a new product or service

  • raise your profile or refine your image

  • promote your activities or your products/services

  • resolve communication issues, or

  • build relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Developing a strategic plan means understanding your current situation and customers; determining goals and measureable objectives and then setting the strategies and tactics to achieve them. It’s important to measure and evaluate your plan and make sure it’s working, and modify it as necessary.

Planning also helps you to effectively target the right audience, and present a consistent message. Whether it’s an integrated marketing and communication plan, advertising campaign, PR (public relations) strategy or social media plan.

I can help you to with planning and strategy and also help you to implement the plan. To discuss your strategy and planning needs, please get in touch.

Graphic design

Graphic design enhances communication. Good design is visually appealing and compelling, attracts attention, creates a good impression and supports communication of your message.

Whether you need ongoing design support or a one-off flyer, I can help.

With my editing and proofreading skills I can ensure your marketing materials not only look great, but also read well.

I design digital and print materials including:

  • stationery – business cards, notecards, notepads, letterheads

  • promotional materials – flyers, ads, posters, information kits, branded merchandise

  • publications – booklets, reports, newsletters, case studies

  • branded templates so you can create electronic letters, reports and presentations

  • infographics

  • graphics for email signatures, social media, system software such as invoicing, and more.

Writing and editing

The importance of quality writing in all business communication cannot be overstated. It’s crucial in presenting your business as professional and trustworthy. When business writing is poor, it negatively impacts your reputation. And that’s not how you want to differentiate your brand.

Good writing is clear, concise and easy to understand. It shouldn’t be obscured by jargon or poor grammar. A business voice needs to be consistent and distinctive, and engage your audience.

Maybury Ink’s professional writing services include:

  • developing taglines and key messages

  • writing blog posts and newsletter articles

  • creating website content

  • writing copy for business documents or marketing and promotional materials

  • editing and proofreading (short pieces or large reports)

  • developing media releases and editorial copy

  • LinkedIn profiles.


Kind words

I initially engaged Maybury Ink to do one small project for me and now two years on, and with a growing number of projects successfully completed, Nichole has become a valuable part of my business team.

Nichole has always been very responsive to whatever project is submitted and her works have significantly improved the visual aspects of my marketing materials. She always conducts herself in a very professional manner and is a lovely lady to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her service.
— John Blackburn, ACME Test and Tagging & TATSA (Test and Tag Standards Australia)
Nichole was fantastic at working with the team as we created some new corporate photos for our website and new CVs. Good advice and delivery!
— Rob Catchlove, Wave Consulting
Nichole conducted a Brand Audit review for my business. Her review was thorough and her comments/feedback were of great assistance in helping me sharpen up my business materials, logo and a few website details. It really helped me to have a good focus for the future going forward to ensure my business brand is represented in the best light. Thank you Nichole!
— Dianne Wadsworth, Gumhill Proofreading
Maybury Ink has been pivotal in the establishment and growth of my own brand and more recently as a subcontracted service to my clients.

Nichole has expertly designed a raft of projects ranging from infographics and social media images to photography, right through to complete branding and rebranding services. I would highly recommend Maybury Ink to businesses of all sizes that are looking to add professionalism and flair to their brand.
— Ian Grant, Granted Digital Marketing