A writing style guide is an important branding tool

Writing style guide image.jpg

A writing style guide is an important tool in your organisation’s branding kit. Written consistency is just as important as visual consistency when building a strong brand.

A writing style guide outlines the ‘written voice’ of your organisation, as well as detailing preferred editorial choices.

Written voice is how your organisation’s brand personality is expressed in words. It relates to language style, sentence construction, and the types of words and phrases used. It defines how formal or informal, serious or humorous, detached or warm the writing style is. Your organisation’s written voice can help it stand out, and ensure efficient and effective communication with your target audience.

Editorial choices in a writing style guide relate to specifics such as capitalisation, abbreviations and acronyms, how dates and numbers are written, and spelling preferences, to name a few. Editorial consistency adds to the professionalism of your organisation.
A writing style guide is a tool that can be used by all staff, and for writers, editors or other consultants.

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Nichole Maybury