logos & branding

Your business brand is a valuable asset. It must be carefully crafted to appropriately represent and differentiate your business, and to resonate with the right people. Authenticity, clarity and consistency are crucial.

I can help you with your branding, including:

  • conducting a brand health check

  • defining your brand positioning and personality

  • designing your logo and visual identity

  • developing your brand voice, tagline and key messages

  • building your brand presence.

What is a brand and branding?

A brand is what people think and feel about a product, service, experience or organisation.

Branding is the practice of getting people to think or feel a certain way about your brand.

Your branding stems from your vision and values. It encompasses your positioning, business personality, products and services, as well as relationships with, and expectations of, customers and stakeholders.

At the heart of your brand is an identifiable logo, combined with a strong visual identity (logo, colour palette, graphics, typography, imagery and style). The visual elements need to be aligned with your brand voice (tagline, key messages, writing style and vocabulary).

Brand health check

To gauge the quality and consistency of your current brand, and for tips and insights to improve it, I offer a brand health check service.

In this desktop audit I review your website, social media and marketing materials, looking at your brand voice and visual identity. I review the quality and consistency of your logo, graphics, grammar, style, key messages and more. You receive a written report with recommendations.

Cost: $250


Brand positioning and personality

Brand positioning is about defining how you want your customers to perceive your brand in the marketplace. It’s about determining what is distinctive about your business, and how you are different to competing brands.

Defining your positioning helps you to be clear about what your business does and who you do it for.

Brand personality links to this. Attributing human characteristics to a brand helps you to stand out. Your brand personality guides the way you express and portray your brand – how it speaks, behaves and looks. It helps to ensure your brand is presented consistently.

I can help you to define your brand positioning and personality and ensure it is aligned with your vision and values. Then you will be ready to develop your brand voice and visual identity, and to plan your marketing activities.


Logo and visual identity

At the heart of a strong business brand is an identifiable logo. Developing a logo requires creativity, research, thought and considerable work.

If your business needs a new logo and robust visual identity I can design one for you. If you already have a logo, I can revamp it, or build on what you have to develop a cohesive visual identity and re-energise your brand.

Whatever your requirements, I’ll take the time to understand your business – your vision, values, positioning, personality, products and services. And importantly who your customers are. We’ll discuss your ideas, preferences and dislikes. And I’ll research your business category and competitors, before creating concepts.

Once your logo and visual identity has been created I can integrate it across your business.

Read my article explaining each step of the logo design process and the value of engaging a professional designer.

To discuss your logo and visual identity brand requirements and to obtain a quote, please get in touch.

Brand voice

How you express your brand personality in words is as important as how it looks. Writing style and tone needs to match the visual identity.

This includes phrasing, words used or avoided, and the style of writing. For example, is your brand voice more formal or chatty, calm or lively, detached or warm?

Tagline and key messages

A good business tagline helps you to position your business. It tends to:

  • clarify what you do or how you do it

  • express an important brand attribute, or

  • help people recognise and remember you.

Key messages are the short soundbites that describe various aspects of your business, products or services. They need to be consistent, clear and repeated often. The same as the visual aspects of your brand.

Your tagline and key messages can change and evolve over time as your business changes.

Writing style guide

A writing style guide is an important tool in your business branding kit. It outlines attributes of your language style and tone, key messages, favoured words and phrases and also details your preferred editorial choices.

Editorial consistency adds to the professionalism of your business writing. It includes preferences for capitalisation, spelling, how dates and numbers are written, and things like abbreviations and acronyms.

 With my expertise in professional writing, I can help you develop an effective and consistent brand voice aligned with your personality, and create a tagline and key messages for your business. I can then document all of this and more in a comprehensive writing style guide.


Kind words

Maybury Ink has been pivotal in the establishment and growth of my own brand and more recently as a subcontracted service to my clients.

Nichole has expertly designed a raft of projects ranging from infographics and social media images to photography, right through to complete branding and rebranding services. I would highly recommend Maybury Ink to businesses of all sizes that are looking to add professionalism and flair to their brand.
— Ian Grant, Granted Digital Marketing
Nichole helped me develop a strong, relevant and easy to roll out brand message. She is super easy to work with, listens and offers well thought out ideas and options.

Working with Nichole was very collaborative, she was open to my vision and found ways to incorporate that with her vision and understanding of my business and client demographic.
In a world of marketing spin, Maybury Ink is a refreshingly down to earth business to work with.
— Alex Obleshchuk, Co-founder, Tour Atlas
I first engaged Maybury Ink for company re-branding of my business Sixty Degrees Motorcycles in 2017. Since then Maybury Ink has also created branding from beginning to end for my car transport company, Gordon Transport & Logistics, and motorcycle transport business, CycHaul.

I was so impressed with the quality of work, attention to detail and professionalism of Maybury Ink that they are now my only provider of design and marketing services. Design and marketing is now as easy for me as making a phone call. I cannot recommend Maybury Ink highly enough.
— Lucas Gordon, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles, CycHaul, Gordon Transport & Logistics