CycHaul Motorcycle Transport

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Project outline

When my client Luke purchased CycHaul Motorcycle Transport he wanted to develop a bold, memorable logo and visual identity. I’d previously worked with Luke, rebranding his motorcycle service and repairs business, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles.

The CycHaul logo brief was for a design that was clean, modern, bold and simple. Reluctant to use a truck icon, I developed logo concepts that symbolised movement, direction and strength.

The predominant colours in the marketplace were dark, cool colours such as blue, grey and black (representing serious, stable, reliable) and/or brighter, vibrant colours such as orange, yellow and red (indicating energy and confidence). We decided to use the bold hot pink colour combined with black and white to make it pop. It’s simple, eye-catching and different to key competitors.

I designed business cards, a letterhead template, social media icon and email signature for CycHaul, and Luke had his truck wrapped which looks fantastic (designed by the signwriter). You can see photos of the truck at